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Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Pre-feasibility Study

Project: BRT in Palembang, Indonesia

‘ttc’ were part of an international study team to determine the pre-feasibility study into two Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) corridors in Palembang, Indonesia. 

Palenmbang is the capital of South Sumatra and has a population of approximately 1.5 million and covers an area of 400km2 and is experiencing population growth of 2% per year.
The Government of Indonesia has expressed an interest in operating a modern, well designed and efficient operating BRT system which is capable of maintaining financial sustainability and addressing the future mobility needs of Palembang. ‘ttc’ provided the feasibility design works in to accommodating the proposed BRT corridors and stations on the current local highway network.

Example of Matatus in operation in Nairobi
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