Bus Rapid Transport (BRT)

Guiding you through the complex transportation aspects of the planning application and development control process.

Bus rapid transit (BRT, BRTS, busway, transitway) is a bus-based public transport system designed to improve capacity and reliability relative to a conventional bus system. Typically, a BRT system includes roadway that is dedicated to buses, and gives priority to buses at intersections where buses may interact with other traffic; alongside design features to reduce delays caused by passengers boarding or leaving buses, or purchasing fares. BRT aims to combine the capacity and speed of a metro with the flexibility, lower cost and simplicity of a bus system.

Our expertise includes:


  • Policy, practice and project feasibility advice

  • Public Transport assessments and statements


Our experience

We have 

Our experience

  • Representation to the Upper Tribunal on Land Compensation

  • Representation at the Royal Courts of Justice

  • Planning Appeals & Hearings

  • Public Inquiry

  • Expert Witness on Transport and Highways issues

  • Section 73 Appeals