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george baies director at the transportation consultancy

George Bailes



George previously worked for Birmingham City Council, JMP, RPS and AMEC PLC in Leamington Spa, where he was a ‘Senior Transport Planner’. After gathering a wealth of experience from these roles he joined ' ttc' in the summer of 2014 as a ‘Managing Consultant’. 


Awarded role of Director in April 2017, he plays an integral role in developing and delivering on clients and 'ttc' visions.
With over 14 years’ experience in the industry, in both the private and public sectors, George has developed a strong and deep understanding of transport planning and engineering requirements in many sectors and for varied projects. A big factor of George's successful career is his emphasis and focus on building strong client focused relationships. This focus enables him to understand his clients and work closely with them to deliver on their goals. 

During his time at ‘ttc’ George has a Proven track record of achieving planning permission for a wide range of various planning applications. Some key projects where George has played a key role include; Birmingham Parking Standards SPD Review, Kimironko Market and Bus Station Re-development (Kigali, Rwanda), Selco Builders Warehouse Portfolio, Land to the South of Desborough, High St Digbeth Residential Development.

To work with George and the team get in touch to discuss your Transport Planning needs.

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