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luke ford transport planning consultant at the transportation consultancy

Luke Ford

Senior Transport Planner

Luke joined ttc in February 2021, from Wood Plc, where he gained seven years’ experience in Transport Planning and Highways Design, having worked on many high-profile public and private sector projects. Luke is proficient in delivering Transport Assessments and Travel Plans to support planning applications, and highly experienced in applying transport criteria to EIA’s – which makes Luke a valuable member of the ttc team. 
Luke is also highly experienced in delivering junction capacity assessments through the use of modelling software packages Junctions 9 / LinSig, and designing projects from the preliminary stage through to construction.

Over his career he has worked on some great projects including being lead designer on the Bedford Square Gateway project, involving the re-design of a section of Loughborough town centre with a particular focus on public realm improvements for pedestrians and non-motorised users. Involved in the initial preliminary design stage, Luke prepared detailed design drawings to take forward for tender and construction. The improvements suggested will have a positive impact on end users, local businesses, and residents of the area, and it’s hoped that it will be an example of how small changes can have a large impact.


Other significant projects include: undertaking junction capacity assessments and transport modelling work throughout the process of re-designing a 6km section of road network in Oxford, lead designer on a public real improvement scheme in Shepshed Town Centre and preparation of reports and design material for the planning application of South Cheshire Growth Village, Crewe.

Luke has a strong methodical approach to his work, a keen eye for detail and a strong work ethic, he takes a client-centric approach and always works with clients in a professional manner – which all matches the ttc values and ethos perfectly.  

To work with Luke and the team get in touch to discuss your Transport Planning needs.

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