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'ttc' to review Parking Standards for Birmingham City Council

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

Transport planning consultancy 'ttc' to review Parking Standards for Birmingham City Council

Birmingham City Council have appointed The Transportation Consultancy Ltd. (ttc), in association with Parking Perspectives, to undertake a review of the City Council’s parking standards for new developments throughout the city.

The study will undertake an evidence based gathering review of parking standards throughout the city including a literature review, engagement with stakeholders, site surveys and visits and identification of best practice in setting parking standards. The review will provide a robust evidence based set of recommendations concerning the setting of new parking standards for all relevant land uses/development classes across the city.

The study is expected to take two months with the results being included in Birmingham’s forthcoming Development Management; Development Planning Document (DM DPD).

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Notes to Editor:

ttc are based in Birmingham, and are a leading international independent transportation planning consultancy. The company provides services to a wide range of public and private sector clients.

For further information, please contact: Alan Bailes – Managing Director, The Transportation Consultancy t: 01527 65318

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