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‘ttc’ sponsor Megan McDonald, Leamington Born GB Triathlete

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

George bailes from the transportation consultancy and megan mcdonald holding branded training gear
George Bailes, Director at ttc and Megan McDonald, GB Triathlete

Transport Planning Consultancy ttc has signed a sponsorship deal with Megan McDonald, a Leamington born GB Triathlete. A partnership based around a passion to encourage cycling, sustainable travel and an active lifestyle for all.

George Bailes and James McGavin, both Directors at ttc, had the pleasure of meeting Megan at the Compton Verney Triathlon, so when the opportunity to sponsor Megan came up they grabbed it with both hands. They had seen, first-hand her passion and determination to succeed in her field of expertise.

George Bailes, Managing Director at ttc, says, “When Megan got in touch for sponsorship it was an amazing opportunity that we simply couldn’t turn down. Along with being a professional Athlete, Megan is a local Leamington woman and a keen promoter of cycling and healthy lifestyles. What Megan stands for aligns with myself, the ttc team and the brand as a whole in terms of our commitment to supporting healthy lifestyles through sustainable travel and transport.

‘ttc’ are keen cyclists so sponsoring Megan was an obvious choice for them, born and bred in Leamington Spa, Megan is not only a professional GB Triathlete but she also runs her own training company, MM Triathlon, that helps individuals of all ages and abilities to reach their triathlon goals. She is ambitious, conscientious and loves helping others – something ttc relates to.

Megan comments, "I’m really excited to partner with ttc, a local company who as part of what they do supports cycling as a sustainable travel option. With the team being keen cyclists and having an interest in sport, is a great partnership to have, as they really believe in what I am doing as a professional athlete and local trainer. I am looking forward to seeing this partnership grow. Thank you so much for the support ttc! "

A big part of what ttc do is push for and encourage sustainable transport wherever possible. This means working with local government, communities, and businesses to push forward sustainable travel plans and transport strategies that aim to reduce the impact of transport on the planet, our communities and our personal health. Part of achieving this is to support the provision of suitable spaces, cycle routes and transport connections that provide the opportunity for people to get involved in cycling easily, whether that be commuting, cycling in local parks, towns and cities or having the space to be able to train for a triathlon! Something that was key to Megan’s training was having the spaces in Warwickshire to train.

George continues, “I’m immensely proud to be sponsoring Megan, she is an inspiration and a fantastic role model and we can’t wait to see the ‘ttc’ logo on her kit. We are excited to follow and support her journey toward even more success in the world of Triathlons and fitness. I wish her all the best for her future goals and aspirations, and I have absolutely no doubt that she will achieve them as an extremely talented and focused triathlete.”
The ttc team stood proudly with Megan in The Transportation Consultancy offices in Leamington Spa.
The ttc team stood proudly with Megan in The Transportation Consultancy offices in Leamington Spa.

The team at ttc and Megan strongly believe in the benefits of cycling and how it impacts health, community and the environment – creating awareness and encouraging cycling to all ages in the community is a passion they both share. The higher the demand for cycling, the bigger the need for government, councils and businesses to respond to this need. This is the fundamental reason why ttc chose to sponsor the inspiring and talented Megan.

Check out the links below to follow Megan and ttc’ journey through this great new partnership.


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