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University of Oxford appoints 'ttc' to review managed parking strategy

Updated: Nov 30, 2022

The University of Oxford currently has approximately 600 managed car parking spaces located on its functional estate within the central area of Oxford. As the University’s parking stock reduces in line with its Masterplan proposals to increase teaching and research space and create a more attractive public realm, there is a requirement to ensure that the management of the parking asset is meeting its strategic objectives.

As a result the University of Oxford has appointed The Transportation Consultancy Ltd. (ttc), in association with Parking Perspectives, to explore parking scenarios and engage with the University community to explore, review and report on what parking management approaches can be taken.

The study is expected to take two months with the results being submitted to the relevant committees at the end of the year.

Note to Editor:

ttc, which is based in Birmingham, and has offices in London, is a leading international independent transportation planning consultancy. The company provides services to public and private sector clients.

For further information, please contact:

Alan Bailes

Managing Director, The Transportation Consultancy


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