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Transport planning for the public sector

Clear and concise Transport Planning advice delivering exceptional results for public sector planning projects

Our expert team of Transport Planning consultants specialise in all aspects of transport planning across the public sector. Working with District, Borough, Towns, and Parish Councils, we provide independent transport and highways advice and assessments, we assist with planning applications and support the delivery of highway safety schemes.

Trust, impartial expert advice and collaborative working

We know that you are looking for a Transport Planning partner who you can trust, who provides expert impartial advice and who can work collaboratively and effectively with stakeholders of varying levels of seniority and influence, from Town planners to parliament members. We have proven experience of working in this way and pride ourselves on our strong industry relationships and continued success with our clients including; Warwick District Council, Oxford University, Birmingham City Council and Great Yarmouth Borough Council. View more of our clients and testimonials.

Clear and concise advice


In any public sector project, there can be many stakeholders and many complexities, requiring a very specific way of communicating and collaborating. We pride ourselves on being a transport planning consultancy that delivers expert advice in a clear, concise and effective way, across all of our communications. Whether it be a simple email to the project team, a meeting with a parliament member or a detailed traffic assessment - each one is consciously crafted to get the best results.


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If you are looking for a highly professional and successful Transport Planning consultancy to help you achieve your transport and community planning goals, contact ttc today.

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Working collaboratively to deliver impactful projects

Our public sector clients


Thank you for completing the Transport Assessment. It is an excellent piece of work and the concise, clear and easy to read style is excellent. A refreshing change from many transport reports which are often over verbose because consultants think volume = quality which of course it doesn’t! Quality = simple, clear explanations of technical issues. Thank you again and well done.

Adam Bows, Sustainable Transport Manager Estates Services

University of Oxford

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