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public transport to encourage sustainable transport

Sustainable Transport


Sustainable Transport

We help you to create effective sustainable transport solutions and strategies to reduce environmental impact.

We are specialists in Sustainable Transport Strategy & Plans. We have proven experience in helping our clients meet and exceed their sustainability goals in terms of transport planning.
Sustainable transportation consists of the efficient use of existing resources to increase mobility, while positively impacting economic development, quality of life, and the preservation of the natural environment.


Sustainable Transport Strategies often have targets to reduce carbon emissions, improve air quality, reduce traffic congestion, increase active travel to aid improved health and wellbeing and/or improve access to public transport.  All of which require different approaches and solutions. ttc has great experience helping clients to review and implement schemes including the preparation and implementation of Travel Plans to reduce single occupancy travel through introducing measures such as improved walking and cycling infrastructure, cycling schemes, car share groups, car clubs, new bus services and personalised travel advice, in order to meet these goals.

Our expertise includes:


We work with developers, local authorities, active travel organisations and public transport providers, to ensure that sustainable travel is at the heart of transport planning. Our project services include; 

  • Sustainable Travel Plans

  • Sustainable Travel Plan Coordinator

  • Bus service and mobility reviews

  • Multi-model access strategies

  • Cycle network design and review

  • Route feasibility

  • Passenger and revenue forecasting

  • Business case development

  • Dealing with public transport operators

  • Provision of sustainable transport schemes for new developments

  • Developing and promoting smarter choices strategies

  • Influencing travel behaviour, including travel awareness, car sharing and car clubs

  • Walking and cycling strategies and route design






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Thank you for completing the Transport Assessment. It is an excellent piece of work and the concise, clear and easy to read style is excellent. A refreshing change from many transport reports which are often over verbose because consultants think volume = quality which of course it doesn’t!  Quality = simple, clear explanations of technical issues. Thank you again and well done.

Adam Bows, Sustainable Transport Manager Estates Services | University of Oxford

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