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Who we work with

We are proud to showcase our clients from both public and private sectors, from all over the UK, and the kind words they have shared with us.

Client testimonials

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Jason Cooper

Tame Homes

Very pleased with your services (which is why I keep coming back). Keep up the good work, it's very much appreciated.

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Sem Sehmi

Director, Mets UK

Thank you for understanding my position and need for support to future proof the reports. It is this kind of understanding that makes business relations stronger, trusting and insures repeat business. Kathy and Ellie from Claremont Planning Consultancy have been brilliant in their support and highly recommended TTC from the start. They were right.

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Cllr Andy Hibbitt

Luddington Parish Council

Luddington Parish Council has a long standing safety concern on the B439 at Dodwell for residents crossing the road to the bus stop for Stratford upon Avon. The Parish Council decided engage its own traffic consultant to determine what could be done to improve the situation. TTC were selected as they had experience of working with Parish Councils, were local and competitive. A scheme was proposed by TTC that was accepted by Warwickshire County Council and supported by the County Councillor.


Luddington Parish Council is delighted with the outcome and have successfully used TTC on another long standing issue to get acceptance for a speed limit reduction to 30mph in Luddington Road.

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Ken Wood

Group Safety and Loss Prevention Director | Ardagh Group

TTC have provided us with a world class service in conducting extremely thorough Traffic Survey Assessments of a number of our UK facilities.  These reports have become the benchmark for all ongoing Traffic Surveys wherever and by whomever conducts them across our Global operations.  We have had survey’s done in the past by others but no were equal to those provided by TTC.


Furthermore,  TTC have reviewed all our defined Traffic Management Best Practices and the management processes underpinning these.  Again, we have received great value added and as a result of their findings and recommendations have clear action plans to move our up to another level our road and pedestrian safety across our Global Operations.


I would highly recommend!

quotation marks on The Transportation consultancy website

Adam Bows

Sustainable Transport Manager Estates Services | University of Oxford

Thank you for completing the Transport Assessment. It is an excellent piece of work and the concise, clear and easy to read style is excellent. A refreshing change from many transport reports which are often over verbose because consultants think volume = quality which of course it doesn’t!  Quality = simple, clear explanations of technical issues. Thank you again and well done.

quotation marks on The Transportation consultancy website

Julie Brega

Director, The Open College of Equine Studies

I am very impressed with the service you provided, particularly with how you cracked on with it and always replied to my messages promptly – it's very much appreciated. Sid Richards at Acorus in Bury St Edmunds recommended you – I’m pleased I took up his recommendation. Thank you again for your help.


quotation marks on The Transportation consultancy website

Robert Chandler

Senior Project Manager, Grafton Group PLC

It's clear to me that ttc's part in the process was invaluable in securing planning consent.

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Sean Trainor

Head of Commercial & Customer Engagement, AMCO Services (International) Limited

​I wanted to say thank you to you and the team at TTC for your very knowledgeable and professional support with our Employee Travel Plan during the build phase of our new facility.


The report and documentation completed was of the very highest standard, delivered on time and of great benefit. All this was achieved in a very tight timeframe. We look forward to working with you on our next project.

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Mr and Mrs A. Evers

Quarry House, Warwickshire

We recently engaged the assistance of George at 'ttc' Transportation Planning Consultants, for a small development project. As part of the overall proposal to the local authority we needed expert advice about how our plans would impact the current transport access. 


All the way along George kept us posted on developments and was candid with his feedback whilst dynamic in terms of adapting to specific requirements. His flexible, plus affable approach to people interaction I am sure is in-part a large reason why he is successful in gaining the respect of customers plus key stakeholders.  This is also complemented by his working knowledge of highway requirements in the context of local authorities.


I would have no hesitation in using ttc again, or recommending them to others.

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Richard Newman

Director, BPN Architects

The entire team working on this project delivered it professionally, however it was Alan and George at ‘ttc’ who got this scheme over the line, so very well done in both finding a solution and getting it done so promptly.

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David Gawthorpe Chairman

Wetherby Area Rural District Environment and Nature Group (WARDEN)

Well done, you put on an excellent performance for us and won the Transport debate without a doubt. You were representing 30,000 people and I am writing on their behalf to thank you for not only the presentation on the day, but all the hard work you had put in preparing the evidence.

quotation marks on The Transportation consultancy website

Simon Ismail 

Salboy Ltd

Alan, Can I say it's refreshing to have someone as proactive as you on the team - it gives us great comfort.

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