Road Safety Audits

Working with you to minimise future road accidents from planning design and through to implementation.

At ttc we have a team of professional road safety practitioners and auditors which offer expert advice and safety designs to help you ensure your schemes embed road safety engineering expertise. We can help you work towards achieving immediate and long term road safety targets, which can bring wider benefits to communities and businesses through reliable and safe transport networks.

Our RoSPA and IHE trained teams are located nationwide, consulting on projects for Government Agencies, as well as local authorities and private sector clients. We help ensure designs are compliant with standards and legislature, and that they promote best practice.


The terms of reference for the Road Safety Audit will be DMRB Highways England Standard ‘GG 119 Road Safety Audit’.

Within our team we have trained and registered Road Safety Auditors.


Our expertise includes:

  • Road safety Audits Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3 and Stage 4 

  • Quality audits introduced in “Manual for Streets”

  • Vulnerable road user audits, NMU and DDA

  • Road safety impact assessment

  • Accident investigation prevention and route treatment

  • Road safety inspections

  • Road safety engineering design

  • Road safety training and campaigns

  • Expert witness

Our experience

Our team of road safety professionals have undertaken road safety audits varying from stage 1 – 4, which include; Stage 1 RSA for a new access on the A449, Stage 2 RSA for a new roundabout in Wales, Stage 4 RSA for a scheme in the West Midlands and an Exception Report for a new highway scheme in Somerset.

Our experience

  • Stage 1 RSA for a new access on the A449

  • Stage 2 RSA for a new roundabout in Wales

  • Stage 4 RSA for a scheme in the West Midlands

  • Exception report for a new highway scheme in Somerset

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