Site Access Appraisal

Helping you to unlock the commercial potential of your development sites.

Establishing feasible and suitable access is often the key to unlocking the commercial potential of your development sites. The type and quantum of development that can be successfully promoted is often linked directly to whether there is adequate access for vehicles, pedestrians, and emergency and public transport.

Our transport experts are experienced in appraising sites against highway design standards and transport related planning policy to maximise development opportunities or support defensive objections.


Our early involvement in a development team will help focus the proposals on the optimum deliverable option. Our early engagement with the Highway Authority on a project minimises abortive work.

We advise on:

  • Preferred site access location

  • Number and type of accesses necessary to support development

  • Site access design - encompassing junction type, width, visibility splays and turning HGV requirements

  • Road safety implications, historic accident records and speed surveys

  • Highway capacity assessments and the need for simple, roundabout or signalised solutions

  • Sustainable accessibility such as pedestrian, cycle and public transport aspects

  • Public rights of way

  • Legal agreements and planning conditions for financial contributions


Our experience

ttc have carried out site access appraisals for projects such as a residential development in Buckinghamshire, Land in Herefordshire, The Old Pump House renovation near Hay on Wye, a residential development at Overbridge farm in Norfolk and Oaken nurseries.

Our experience

  • Residential development in Weedon, Buckinghamshire

  • Land at Burghope Lane, Herefordshire

  • The Old Pump House renovation, Hay on Wye

  • Residential development at Overbridge farm, Norfolk

  • Oaken nurseries, Oaken