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Transport Economics and Appraisal

Our unique approach to end-to-end service provision allows us to fully support all aspects of your transport scheme development.

Our transport appraisal team support the design process by providing sound advice and assessment of operational, economic and environmental elements of scheme development. 


Our team have successfully developed and audited transport scheme business cases for Central and Local Government agencies, and private finance initiatives.

We have a proven track record of fully supporting our clients through public inquiry to deliver successful, effective outcomes.

Our expertise includes:

  • Business case development for transport infrastructure

  • Transport appraisal and reporting (operational, economic, safety and environmental)

  • Option testing to refine scheme design

  • Passenger demand and revenue forecasting

  • LRT, BRT and heavy rail feasibility studies

  • Public consultation

  • Expert witness

Our experience

Appointed by Derbyshire County Council and the Peak District National Park Authority and in association with the University of Central Lancashire, ttc undertook an economic impact study of cycling the White Peak Loop. The study will help develop an economic methodology to demonstrate the economic impact of the White Peak Loop and quantify the current and potential future economic impacts. 

Our experience

  • An innovative economic impact study of cycling in the White Peak loop in Derbyshire

  • Business case development for the Windsor Link Rail study

  • Outline business case development for travel plan guidance

  • Economic and financial appraisal for BRT system in Nairobi

A public transport plan showing trams and other public transport options
The public riding on a public transport bus