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Established in 2013, ttc is an expert team of Transport Planning consultants specialising in all aspects of transport planning including; sustainable transport, traffic engineering and transport economics.​


Delivering transport solutions through innovation

Innovation is essential to keep the world moving in the most sustainable way and it’s something we’re really passionate about. Therefore, at ttc we are always developing fresh, but cost effective ideas at the forefront of sustainable transport.

Transport planning professionals

We've held senior management positions ourselves so understand the customer’s perspective when it comes to sourcing support. We offer a team of experienced professionals and practising consultants with decades of experience and integrity. And to guarantee seniority of experience, projects are always managed by a principal, not delegated to inexperienced juniors.

Flexible and practical support

ttc offers expertise at the level you require it – strategic or technical, available on a project by project basis. And because we’re results orientated, with masses of practical, hands-on experience, once we understand your needs, we get down to work.

Cost effective resource management


ttc offers a cost-competitive service by operating a team of highly experienced consultants and associates with demonstrable expertise and a track record of delivering results. We also work closely with a range other specialist consultants to extend our skill base which means you can access a range of expertise and only when you require it. And we’ll expertly outsource and project manage resources for you.


Our values

The beliefs and attitudes that guide us every day...

  • VALUE - Ensuring that you receive value for money

  • EXCEED - Going above and beyond expectations

  • TRUST - Building trust with you to ensure strong working relationships

  • EXCELLENCE - Providing technical excellence to achieve your objectives

  • CLARITY - Providing easy to understand solutions, in a technical market

Meet the team

The 'ttc' team consists of a group of hardworking, professional and highly experienced people. Every person brings with them individual skills, experience and knowledge together which creates the great team we have at 'ttc'.  Our head office is in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire and we support clients and projects all across the UK.

George Bailes – Managing Director heads up ttc, alongside James McGavin - Director and Caroline Radnor - Sustainable Transport Director.


Joined by 'ttc' team members and external consultants, it's this great mix of people that enables us to deliver great results for our clients. Read more about the team at ttc.

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