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Sustainable Travel and Mobility

Effective travel plans which help reduce carbon emissions, improve air quality, reduce traffic congestion and improve access to travel.

Schemes that reduce carbon emissions, improve air quality, reduce traffic
congestion and improve access to travel for those who don’t have a vehicle, are very varied. We have reviewed and tested the feasibility of all conceivable types of sustainable and mobility transport from cycling schemes to car clubs, and bus measures to new railway stations.

We regularly work with businesses and developers to develop and implement
‘travel plans’. The travel plan process examines the way that staff and visitors reach an organisation’s premises and how their staff  travel while on business. The aim is to provide an action plan on ways to increase non-car travel. They might also help increase staff retention where turnover is a problem generated by poor access and they can reduce an organisation’s operating travel expenses.

Our expertise includes:

We regularly work with public transport providers, local authorities and private developers to ensure that sustainable travel is at the heart of transport planning, such as; 


  • Travel planning services

  • Travel plan coordinator

  • Bus service and mobility reviews

  • Multi-model access strategies

  • Cycle network design and review

  • Route feasibility

  • Passenger and revenue forecasting

  • Business case development

  • Dealing with public transport operators

  • Provision of sustainable transport schemes for new developments

  • Developing and promoting smarter choices strategies

  • Influencing travel behaviour, including travel awareness, car sharing and car clubs

  • Walking and cycling strategies and route design


Our experience

We have carried out travel plan development for various land uses, passenger demand and revenue forecasts for BRT system in Nairobi, bus network review for major local authority, economic impact study for cycling, outline business case development for travel plan guidance and the Peel Road Cycle Facility.

Our experience

  • Travel plan development for various hospitals in Warwickshire

  • Passenger demand and revenue forecasts for BRT system in Nairobi

  • Peel Road Cycle Facility

  • Economic impact study for cycling

  • Outline business case development for travel plan guidance

  • Travel plan coordinator for Grafton Group plc

Member of the public riding a bike encouraging sustainable travel
Train and bikes in bike rack encouraging sustainable travel