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What is a Travel Plan Coordinator, and why do I need one?

When it comes to managing transportation and travel-related aspects of development projects, a Travel Plan Coordinator (TPC) plays a pivotal role. In this article, we'll explore the responsibilities of a Travel Plan Coordinator, the types of projects that require their expertise, the benefits they bring to the table, and why you might consider using an external Travel Plan Coordinator for your project.

Firstly, what is a Travel Plan?

A Travel plan is a comprehensive, long-term management strategy to support sustainable and active travel objectives for new and existing planning projects. A Travel Plan helps to identify areas where you can implement sustainable travel initiatives, change behaviours and reduce travel. A carefully planned and effectively executed travel strategy can substantially benefit individuals, businesses, and the environment.

What is a Travel Plan Coordinator?

A Travel Plan Coordinator, often abbreviated as TPC, is a Transport Planning professional responsible for overseeing and implementing the Travel Plan. Choosing an experienced professional to carry out your plan will enhance the chances of it making a maximum impact.

A Travel Plan Coordinator's role includes:

  1. Creating the Travel Plan Strategy If your Travel Plan Coordinator also created the strategy, they will possess an innate understanding of it, which is beneficial. However, an experienced Travel Plan coordinator can effectively carry out the strategy even if they didn't create it.

  2. Implementing and promoting Travel Plan measures: They ensure that the steps outlined in the Travel Plan, such as carrying out travel surveys, implementing marketing and communications actions, promoting sustainable travel, liaising with stakeholders and monitoring processes, are implemented effectively.

  3. Liaising with users and stakeholders Practical, timely and engaging communication between users and stakeholders is vital to a successful Travel Plan. A Travel Plan Coordinator supports this by collaborating and engaging with all stakeholders, including users, Local Planning and Transport Authorities and local businesses, to facilitate the adoption of sustainable travel practices.

  4. Monitoring and reviewing Every plan should be monitored and reviewed to ensure it's on track to deliver on your goals. By doing this routinely, the Travel Plan Coordinator can identify areas of success to expand on or prepare action plans for improvements.

Which projects require a Travel Plan Coordinator?

Travel Plan Coordinators add value to both large and small-scale developments. For substantial projects, a full-time Travel Plan Coordinator may be necessary to manage the extensive transportation aspects. In contrast, smaller developments often opt for part-time coordinators. In both cases, investing in an experienced, reputable Travel Plan Coordinator can be the difference between success and failure.

Benefits of hiring a Travel Plan Coordinator

Outsourcing the role of a Travel Plan Coordinator to an external agency, like The Transportation Consultancy, can be advantageous for various reasons:

  1. Specialised knowledge External coordinators bring specialised knowledge and experience, ensuring your Travel Plan is comprehensive and effective. You know you are getting an experienced, dedicated person whose whole focus is the success of your Travel Plan and sustainability goals.

  2. Efficient implementation They know how to deal with stakeholders, handle challenges and ensure that Travel Plan measures are implemented effectively. A good Travel Plan Coordinator will execute a successful Travel Plan with ease.

  3. Compliance peace of mind A Travel Plan Coordinator can bring peace of mind to your project regarding compliance. They are well-versed in the intricacies of planning requirements and can help the development adhere to all necessary regulations and standards.

  4. Maximising resources, reducing risk Their expertise in transportation planning and sustainable travel practices delivers the potential to save time and resources due to the efficiency of delivery, the avoidance of compliance issues and the reduction of risk due to regular reviews and adjustments. They are also well-versed in optimising travel plans to minimise expenses.

  5. Focus on core activities By entrusting this role to external Transport consultants, you can concentrate on your project's core activities, knowing that travel matters are in capable hands.

In conclusion…

A Travel Plan Coordinator's expertise, oversight, and dedication can contribute significantly to the success of your Travel Plan. The role is essential to any development project seeking to successfully promote sustainable travel and effectively meet their Travel Plans goals.

Considering hiring a Travel Plan Coordinator?

The Transport Planning Consultancy ‘ttc’ is a team of experienced Transport Planning Consultants and Travel Plan Coordinators who develop and implement robust and effective Travel Plans. Contact ‘ttc’ to understand what an experienced Travel Plan Coordinator can bring to your next project.

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