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Transport Consultancy ‘ttc’ seek to secure planning permission for Leamington F.C. new stadium

Local Club understands importance  of effective and sustainable travel to  minimise local area impact.

The Transportation Consultancy ‘ttc’ are excited to have been appointed lead Transport Planning Consultants on the upcoming planning application for Leamington Football Club’s new 5,000 all seater stadium.

Appointed by Warwick District Council in association with the Frank Whittle Partnership and Mace, ‘ttc’ will provide the Transport and Highways assistance for the planning application. The proposals include the relocation of the existing Harbury Lane stadium, to a new site on Gallows Hill in South Leamington, as part of the Myton Garden development.

ttc support the Planning permission sort for new LFC football stadium
New LFC football stadium

For this particular type of planning project, Sports Stadium Transport and Highways Assistance, ‘ttc’ will be examining stadium access, match day parking, improving sustainable transport links to the stadium, whilst also examining the impact of the match day traffic on the surrounding local highway network and determining any mitigation required to alleviate match day congestion. Assessing and being aware of the impacts of the development are crucial in the clubs ability to host great matchday experience, and in keeping local traffic impact to a minimum whilst supporting sustainable transport. 

George Bailes, Director of The Transport Consultancy, says,

“We are absolutely delighted to be appointed and working on behalf of Leamington F.C. As a locally  based company, we understand how important the club is to the local community, and how important effective and sustainable travel is to ensure the impact on the local area is minimal. By helping the club secure a new location for the new stadium we hope they can achieve their goals on and off the pitch.”

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